Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer 2012 Buckets

We've been working on our Summer 2012 List for a few weeks now and finally completed our project. Putting together our summer "bucket" list is one of my favorite activities to kick of the summer months. We loved last summer's craft sticks so much that we used the same idea this time, only with smaller sticks and using actual buckets.

Also, we have not one, but two lists and two buckets. One is for the bigger outings, trips, ongoing learning, and activities that require some planning and time.

The other is a list of home-based or quick activities we can do any time we're bored, on rainy days, on days when it's too hot to leave home or during Maya's naps. It includes playing games, quick and easy art projects, reminders about craft kits and toys the girls might consider when they feel like there's nothing to do, baking activities, reminders to work on our library challenges and summer workbooks. There's always something to do!

Maya painted sticks too this time!

Here's some of what's on our list:
Fly a kite
Go berry picking
Go to Nature Center classes
Roast marshmallows and hotdogs at night
Make a picnic basket and go on picnics
Learn to ride a bike (Sabrina)
Learn to swim (CC)
Visit National parks
Make rhubarb recipes
Make plum recipes
Write poetry
Visit the Washington monument
Go to see outdoor movies
Go to local beaches
Go to concerts
Visit a butterfly show
Learn about whole foods
Visit a working farm
Shop at the farmers' markets
Make masks
Have a Beatles dance party