Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

25 white balloons, 14 glassybaby votives, party hats, bead necklaces and maracas for the five of us, a Magic 8 Ball to help us predict the year ahead, 12 grapes each and a Nutella cake covered in sparkler candles. That's what New Year's Eve looked like for our little clan.  We first walked to our favorite neighborhood restaurant to feast on Japanese food and toast with sake.  Then back home to ring in 2012 at... 10 pm!  Yes, we set the clocks forward a bit so the girls could participate without being too tired. This is the second time we opt out of leaving our home to celebrate and instead make our own little romance right here at home, and it suits us so, so well.

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Christy said...

Hi Patricia! I found your blog because I was searching for photos of Glassybabies. Your lineup looks so pretty! I was wondering if you could post the names of the four on the far right. I am thinking of getting something in the white/ivory family and am trying to settle on a shade. Thanks so much!