Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Creating Together

Lately I've been making an extra effort to sit with the girls while they make art.  At least once a day, and especially if I've prepared a special project for them, we sit together and all work on the same thing. It's no longer just CC and Sabrina while Mommy works on the computer or makes dinner and Maya scootches under the table or stands on tiptoe trying to squirrel away a sticker or marker for herself. Now we're more often than not at the art table all together.

I totally enjoy this relaxing creative time where I'm not just directing the process but actually participating in it... and it makes such a difference in the way the girls work too.  They stay at the table longer. They take an interest in each other's work. They ask me to teach them. They offer compliments. They ask each other questions. I feel as if we have a true little artist's atelier going in our dining room.

Here we continued our work with paper and collage materials, this time using little red dot stickers and markers to make family portraits. It's funny that Sabrina in a moment of irritation made CC all frowny, and it's sweet how CC teaches herself to draw things by partly copying my work. And then there was Maya, chubby little fingers working so hard to peel those stickers and hold the markers! I think in the end she was proudest of all.
Sabrina's collage
CC's collage

Maya's collage
My collage


Laura said...

Can Tia join the atelier? These projects look fun, inspiring, and beautiful. I am going to weave as much as i can into the afternoons with Alex and Nico!

Day 2 Day Printing said...

What a fun and creative activity. I will use this idea the next time I have to babysit my niece. She is going to love it.

Gabrielle said...

I love this idea and the others you have been sharing. You have inspired me to make art more of a priority during our homeschooling days. I put up a post to share you with my readers as well.

Hana Colmar said...

I've been reading so many posts around the internet of being more present with your children and really enjoying this time of play. It is a timely reminder and really helped me to spend more quality time with my little ones -which I have so enjoyed. PS... love the collage idea - simple and fun - especially for preschoolers!!

Michelle said...

Those are all ridiculously cute!

Jess Farris said...

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