Saturday, December 10, 2011

I am Collecting a Collection

I come from a family of collectors. My parents and everyone on both sides of my families have several collections, some finished, some still growing.  Art, ceramics, carved wooden figures, silver boxes, enamel boxes, ducks, vases.  Following in their footsteps I have in the past started several collections, but was never passionate enough about any to continue tending to them. So I decided that when the time was right, the thing I wanted to collect would present itself.

Some years ago I came across glassybaby, a small company that makes only one thing: exquisitely handblown and colored glass goblets. I fell in love with the look of the glass, so timeless and modern at once, so simple and uniform yet full of the infinite variety that handmade things offer.  I also fell in love with the many uses for the goblets.  They can be votives, vases, drinking glasses, containers for pencils, candy or just about anything in between.

As a lover of symbols I decided that I would grow my collection by buying glassybaby to mark special times in my life.  I match the color or name of the goblet to the occasion.  Sometimes it has been a reward for something I pushed myself to do, sometimes a mark of celebration, sometimes a sweet reminder of a good moment.

So I got the green "Fertile" when I found out I was pregnant with Maya.  "Dream" marked the start of Good + Happy Day Studio, a dream I had been holding for years that materialized last summer.  I recently got "Cream" as a little present to myself for nursing Maya for over a year, something that was at times very difficult but that I miss so much now that she's been weened for a few months.

I also receive glassybaby as gifts, and love being surprised with a color or concept and finding out why it was chosen for me.
I love arranging and rearranging the goblets, as do the girls.  Sometimes we do a rainbow, other times  pattern or something more unexpected.  To add to our holiday decor I separated out the white, green and red ones and kept only those on the mantel. I love the effect.  And even more I love that my glassybaby collection is lovely and useful and endlessly adaptable.

The title for this post is from Charlie and Lola, one of my favorite cartoon shows. 

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Anamaria (bookstogether) said...

What a beautiful and meaningful collection, Patricia! I love it. At our house, in our stockings, we each receive one of a "set" of something; the things are different every year (we've done Ostheimer figurines, wool ornaments, Yellow Owl stamp sets, wind-up toys). One very special year maybe it will be glassybaby. Keep us posted on your collection!