Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Dinner Party


After a day of playing and lounging in our nighties we hosted a little Christmas dinner party for family.   For some years now we've had a tradition of cooking pulled pork barbecue and all the delicious sides that go with that for Christmas.  It is always a hit with children and adults and keeps things fun and informal.

The food did not keep us from dressing fancy though.  With three girls in the house we never miss a chance to dress up, put bows in our hair and spread glitter from our sparkly shoes all around.

For dessert I continued my tradition of making one very outrageous holiday treat and served a triple-layer candied pecan buttered pear bourbon cream cake.  It was indeed pretty outrageous!

We exchanged gifts with our guests and sent them home with little pouches of chewy peppermint sticks and Sabrina's spontaneously assembled goodie bags of clemetines, candy canes and chocolates. It makes me so happy that my girls really enjoy welcoming people into our home... they loved preparing the house, setting the table, welcoming everyone and treating them with warmth and generosity. What a nice thing for a mama to witness of Christmas day.


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