Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CC's Holiday Party

Yesterday we hosted a little holiday play date for CC's friends that was so much fun.  I learned a few things about hosting and enjoying your own party and making guests feel welcome and entertained  from CC.  First, run around the whole house with each guest that arrives and show them all your favorite things.  Second, look your guests in the eye smiling then giggle a lot for no real reason.  Third, when it's time to eat or do an activity, instantly ignore your guests and plunge head first into the task at hand enjoying it as much if not more than everyone else.  Fourth, don't worry about spills, messes, anyone touching your stuff or snooping in strange places--in fact, encourage it.  Fifth, if things start to slow down, change locations by calling out "everyone to my bedroom" at the top of your lungs. And finally, be smiley and full of energy till the very end--if necessary eat more candy to maintain your mood.

Preparing for the party is always part of the fun of course. CC and I spent time the previous day putting together the party's activities, which was a nice way for us to spend her "at home" day (she has no preschool on Mondays).

CC is a very social child and loves having people over, so she was very excited, chatting about the friends who were coming and how the party would evolve.  She was eager to help with all the preparations too. Together we made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and painted bottle brush trees with snow.  We also had to wash jars and shop for candy. It's so nice to have a little companion to work on these things with and run ideas by.

The party was a success and hit just the right balance between activities and free play, healthy snacks and candy gobbling. I loved having a house full of little ones running around, snacking, working, exploring and playing while their moms and I got to catch up and relax.  As I did that, kept an eye on the party's progress and tended to Maya, I also got to watch my special girl feel just a little more special all afternoon, and that was maybe the best part of all.


Anonymous said...

So sweet, and great idea to do a party for just her. I've never done that, and now I will!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Lovely little favorite thing are those snowglobes with little bottle brush trees. It is all so sweet including the lessons you learned from the young hostess :)

katie said...

Where did you find the little bottle brush trees? We used to have them everywhere when I was little. I haven't seen those in ages!

Good + Happy Day said...

Thank you for the nice comments!

I usually have one holiday party for each of my kids and it's so much fun and less stressful than a birthday party. sometimes we've done Halloween or Easter and those were super fun too.

I love the the little "snowglobes" too.... the snow is sugar! I thought dealing with liquid would be too messy and stressful with 4-year-olds!

I found the trees at our local hardware/general store... they carry vintage things. I didn't see them anywhere else like craft stores etc. so maybe look online.