Monday, June 6, 2011

Clean Children Are a Sign of a Parenthood Misspent

Just like that cool quote about a clean home being a sign of a life misspent, always clean children in cute outfits with nicely brushed hair might be a sign of a parenthood misspent. 

CC loves to draw on her body with markers that take several baths to come off.  She selects her own outfits and combines flowers with flowers, blues with oranges.  She wants to wear sneakers with frilly dresses.  She really only likes her hair loose and in her face. 

It's true that I get a kick out of leaving the house with all my children clean, adorably coordinated and well put together.  And I think I do sleep better on the nights when all three girls are in bed freshly bathed with clean, untangled hair and trimmed nails.

But I try not to get too attached to any of this, and more and more take as  much pride in delivering an oddly dressed, not quite groomed child to school as I used to in delivering one in perfect pigtails and darling dresses. It's a sign that I've spent my parenting moments on something more important, that I've averted tears and allowed my child to be the way she loves to be, that our time in the morning was spent making art or reading a book or loving each other up before parting for a while.


Ellen said...

love this. i will think of it next time i leave the house with my rag-tag bunch :)

(hi, i got here via a friend's buzz)

Lettie said...

This makes me happy. (I just found your blog through ohdeedoh today and this is my second comment already. I will try to not go overboard as I look through your blog!)

Heather @ Life, Gluten Free said...

Beautiful sentiment and so true.