Thursday, April 21, 2011

Natural Jello

My older children love jello.  They think it's a huge deal when we go to the diner and they can get jello for dessert.  And until today they thought it was the hardest thing to make, something probably impossible to make at home, which is why we never do, right?  The real reason we've never made jello is because I've always had this idea that I could skip the cute little boxed stuff and make it from scratch.  But of course it's taken me years to get around to doing this.  From scratch is always a little more work, right?  So it takes years of preparation. Worth the wait and the work though to see how delighted and excited the girls were.

To make our jello we first made fresh lemonade that we sweetened with maple syrup and stevia, then strained.  After much sampling we mixed the lemonade with organic gelatin and added a few drops of natural food coloring, because whitish jello really isn't very fun, is it?  A few hours later, we had perfectly set individual jello cups that we garnished with lemon slices.  Perfect for today's hot weather--90 degrees! 


Melissa Taylor said...

Wonderful! I hate jello not for the taste but for it's non-food like qualities. Not this version - thanks for the inspiration! Could you use Xylitol do you think?

Anonymous said...

Could you post the recipe?

I'm disabled and scheduled for a colonoscopy and can't tolerate the artificial colorings, flavorings in "Jello".

Thank you.

Courtney said...

we use pomegranate juice + knox gelatin.