Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Beginning of Advent


We had a little celebration this afternoon to mark the beginning of advent in our home.  The girls received books to add to the collection of holiday books which we keep in the attic until December.  Gingerbread cookies, milk, the unveiling of the advent calendar (which is the same one Patrick and I had the year we were married... when I spotted it I knew it was the perfect one for this year!) candles and new books made for a sweet and cozy afternoon.  As we cuddled up cold winds blew the last leaves off the trees.  

I'm excited to honor all our usual holiday traditions this year and add some new ones inspired by Maya, who is quietly taking it all in.  We missed many of our most loved autumn traditions and rituals as we adjusted to our new life as a family of five, but I have high hopes and special plans for the winter months and especially for the holidays.   The baby keeps us home a lot, and there's no better place to be during this time of year.