Sunday, August 8, 2010

At the Hirshhorn

I think huge abstract art makes the best backdrops for children.  Our main purpose in going to the Hirshhorn was to see the Yves Klein exhibit, which was amazing and will need to be visited again.  But the museum is small enough that we enjoyed all its different rooms and circling hallways. 

The exhibit titled ColorForms included projectors that cast colored light on a large wall and this was by far everyone's favorite piece.  It was awesome to become part of the art and experiment with shadows of ourselves.

 Via the Hirshhorn's website

The colors I saw at the Hirshhorn really inspired me. A favorite shade of blue turns out to have been invented by Yves Klein. Perfect yellow on a gray background, a combination I've loved for some time.  Crisp blacks and whites, which have been appearing more and more in my wardrobe and home decor. More shades of gray. The girls, especially Sabrina, loved all things "rainbow" like some of Frank Stella's work.

I think the girls look like Meninas in their long skirts... kind of a fun contract to all the modern art that surrounded them.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Twice as Good

I came upon a recipe for plum cake very similar to the one passed on from my Polish grandmother and mother and decided to give it a try.  Family recipes are wonderful, but for the most part they don't come with accurate proportions which can be a challenge, especially when cooking with children.  By replacing the buttermilk with regular milk the recipe for skillet plum cake from the latest issue of Living tasted exactly like it should.  

The recipe made just one small cake so I doubled it which turned out to be a great idea since Sabrina and CC were with me--they each got to make their very own cake.  When measuring instead of doubling the recipe I let each girl add the original amounts of ingredients.  Less math for me and less bickering for them.