Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hatteras Island

Last trip as a family of four before baby arrives
First time on the South side of the Outer Banks
Picking out salt water taffy... with lots of watermelon ones
Flying a kite together for the first time
Befriending dogs named Buddy and Buster
The girls sleeping together in a big bed
Families of brown pelicans
Watching Patrick ride off into the bay on a waverunner
Conchs and driftwood
Fish for dinner
Pasta and garlic
Fresh gingerbread for breakfast, snack and dessert
Huge double scoops of ice cream melting in the heat
Making collages together
Reading The Tail of Emily Windsnap and Mitten Strings for God with the girls
Goggles and flippers at the pool
Italian sodas at the Dancing Turtle
Sabrina's peeling nose
CC's "flotando"
Diving for seashells in the pool
Meeting a Polish family with three girls
Floating on fat pool noodles
Cracking crab legs for the girls' dinner
Baby kicking every morning
Waking to a view of the ocean
Hearing a windy rainstorm in the middle of the night
Lighting over the ocean
Pirates at the Graveyard of the Atlantic
Walks on the windy beach
The best blue crab ravioli
Drip castles in the palm of my hand
CC dancing and bopping to live music at Teach's
Octopus's Garden, our favorite
CC taking pictures
Weathered wood
12 South


Isabela Bonfim said...

Great pics! Congratulations on the new baby!

Anamaria (bookstogether) said...

Oh my goodness, those are all so gorgeous. So good to see (and read) you in this spot more often these days, too. Thinking of you.