Sunday, July 11, 2010

Breakfast al Fresco

It's so hot this summer that often the only pleasant time in the yard is early in the morning, and even then the moist warm air hints at what's to come.  We often have breakfast outdoors, on the picnic bench that's part of the girls' swingset.  It's a sweet quiet time for all of us, the girls' energy not quite yet what it becomes after eating.  I've been keeping meals simple this summer, and as CC and Sabrina say we usually ave "something salty (egg, smoked salmon, bacon or lately, fried ham), a sweet thing (bread with honey has been a favorite lately) and some fruit."  Even though I'm often not hungry in the mornings, I try to eat the same things they do.  I pretend I already have my third girl here and that I'm making breakfast for all my children.   


Isabela Bonfim said...

It's great to have your posts again! xoxo

Tati said...

I loved your blog!
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