Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cuter Fans

It's been so so hot here. And it turns out that the attic fan is broken, which we only realized when it didn't kick in, not even when the temperature soared to 98 degrees. If you live in an old home with retrofitted AC like ours you know the upstairs bedrooms really need that attic fan to stay cool. And if you don't have a functioning attic fan you better get some small fans in the rooms to help circulate the air.

So I got fans for the girls' rooms, but I decided they needed to be made cute. Those foam stickers I invested in a while ago came to the rescue. Even though Sabrina suggested she'd like to decorate her fan a bit more, like all around the outside, we agreed to leave it at one touch of color.

I know, you're probably thinking, no updates in eight days and now this? I've got other posts in the works, but for today, it's the little things. Did I mention the fans now match the rooms' colors?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ocean Birthday Party

15 children
550 play balls
1 inflatable pool
6 inflatable ocean animals
10 pounds of colored sand
an aquarium's worth of ocean creature masks
beads galore
beach treasure
blue and green nail polish and tatoos
3 bags of swedish fish
loads of goldfish crackers
rainbow popsicles
150 feet of handmade garland
yellow submarine played on high volume
an ocean of fun for Sabrina's 5th birthday party!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Ah, Chincoteague, we loved:

Peaceful drives both ways.
The giant orange full moon playing peek-a-boo with CC.
Spending every sunset at the same lounge drinking soda water with grenadine (girls) and beer (adults).
Being woken at 9 am by seagulls.
Walks on the windy beach.
Playing musical beds. We ended up with two full beds and a crib, and in 4 days of naps and nights of rest we mixed and mingled to form every possible pairing. Sabrina and CC slept in the crib together twice.
Eating seafood everyday, fried, raw, steamed.
Huge breakfasts. Crab omelets. Scrapple.
Colorful murals.
Seeing wild horses from very far away.
Running into Rachel Carlson on the walls of a nature center.
Bucketfuls of beach finds.
The wind in our hair at all times.
Cool nights.
Swimming in a heated pool.
Packing light.
The decoy art show.
Meaningful mementos: miniature decoys, wooden postcards, beach treasure.
The Easter bunny finding us all the way out there.
Seeing the bay from our bedroom.
Funky little stores and galleries.
Great vintage children's books at the used bookstore.
The rockets left by NASA.
Daydreaming about moving here.

And we did not love:
The coffee.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter and Spring

We're heading out this afternoon for a few days on Chincoteague Island. Sailing, eating seafood, enjoying the beach off season, swimming indoors, seeing wild ponies, late bedtimes for the girls and early ones for Patrick and me in one big shared bed. Doesn't that sound like an ideal little family vacation? It does to me!

I'm trying to pack light, but the forecast calls for some rain, so we need raincoats and galoshes. And of course I must secretly pack Easter goodies since the Easter bunny will be making the journey to find us over there. Sabrina made him a card to let him know. Just in case, you know.

And also just in case you're like me and love springtime in part for the whole spring cleaning aspect, here's some inspiration for you at BabyCenter.

And one more thing. The photo is of my most beloved holiday decoration. Not that I have many, dedicated minimalist that I am. These wooden eggs that my mom got us in Poland make us all happy happy year after year and encourage many conversations about which is whose favorite and what colors are prettiest.

Have a happy Easter, friends!

Easter Crafts

A while ago I mentioned that I was producing some crafts for BabyCenter. These are the Easter-themed ones... I hope I'm sharing them in time for you to enjoy making them.

The suncatcher eggs are just randomly cut pieces of tissue paper randomly stuck between two sheets of contact paper. The ornaments are made of clay, rolled out and cut into three egg sizes with fondant cutters. And the bunnies are from cardstock, with pompoms for tails. There are more detailed instructions and many other great ideas on BabyCenter's kids' activities section, so go take a look!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Party

We had a little Easter party for the girls this morning. 12 children, some simple projects, a few games, easy snacks and lots of pastel colors. Even though Sabrina's big birthday party and CC's smaller one are just a few weeks away, I love children's parties and I love Easter, so couldn't resist. Somehow, with the nice weather and new energy in the air it seemed like the perfect time to host a little get together.

On the agenda:
decorating little bags
making Easter egg ornaments
frosting, decorating and eating carrot mini cupcakes
snacking on grapes, bunny crackers, and mini rabbit carrots
a game of pin-the-tail on the bunny that I made out of a poster sheet and pom poms
a plastic egg bounce with the parachute.

I've noticed that some children like to take a break at parties or feel shy at first and want a quiet spot to hang out, so we turned my study into a a cozy place to snuggle with stuffed animals and enjoy books about Easter and springtime.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cherry Blossoms

Instead of spending the day with the crowds in DC, we drove to nearby Meadowlark Botanical Gardens and enjoyed their small collection of cherry blossoms and beautiful grounds. It's a favorite spot of ours. I love the open spaces and watching the girls wander freely without looking back.