Sunday, September 27, 2009

Starting an Apple Orchard

A few hours spent at Gulf Branch nature center near our home learning about apples and planting apple trees seemed exactly what we needed to get us in an appropriately autumnal state of mind.

We tasted many different apples and decided on a few favorites to add to the Fuji, which we usually reach for first: Honeycrisp for me and Jonagold for Sabrina. We learned a lot of little facts about apples and got to make cider, which tasted glorious.

Best of all, we got to plant dwarf apple trees to help start an apple orchard. Sabrina was a really hard worker, digging in right there with the 12-year old boys and patting and stomping away to secure the trees in place. Soon, we'll go back to visit "our trees," as Sabrina put it. I don't know, after this experience I can see how some dwarf apple trees just outside our kitchen door would be a lovely thing.

I'm curious, do you have apple trees or any other fruit trees in your garden?


melonkelli said...

Yes! We're lucky enough to live in California, so we have:
And some garden boxes with other veggies, berries, and grapes.

Yum! I can often find the kids out picking fruit and veggies as a snack in the late afternoon.

The kids are 1, 3, and 5, so we've had to remove other berry-producing (non-edible) bushes so that there is no confusion about what they can and can't eat.

Good + Happy Day said...

Wow, that sounds awesome. I can only imagine how my girls would go nuts in your garden!