Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Reading

This is our third summer completing the local library reading program, and if someone had told me two years ago that Sabrina would be completing her list on her own this time around and actually reading, not just words, but entire books, I would not have believed it. Reading, after speaking, seems nothing short of a miracle when I watch my own children learn to do it. Between CC's increasingly articulate speech and Sabrina's reading skills I sometimes feel that half my work is done here.

We took advantage of the rainy morning to complete our forms and claim our prizes at the library--a gold harmonica for Sabrina and a blue one for CC.


meg said...

Yay Sabrina. I have a five year old reader too and he never fails to impress me. We love our library too. I love it when he points out things to me (like signs) that I haven't read yet :o) Thanks for the sweet blog, I have you on my subscription thingy.

Myztic@FunWithMama said...

hey there love your site!! just subscribed to your blog

newmomma327 said...

That's the exact same log we had at our local library for the summer program. This was Natalie's (my 3 year old) first time participating. My local library was truly my home away from home growing up and I love to see my children desiring to go there often as well. Thank you for your blog!