Friday, July 24, 2009

The Summer List

We've been back from our trip for a while now... 10 days or so actually. I've been taking it easy and trying to stay in the nice quiet relaxed mood I adopted during the two weeks I was at beach with the girls. I did not once get on a computer or drive a car or make a list. And it was nice! I will surely go back and update the blog with pictures and reflections from the wonderful things we experienced, but for now... well, let's stay in the now.

The nice thing about taking our big trip early in the summer is that we still have a lot of summer left. I like to be organized about things, but this summer, rather than a routine or schedule, I really wanted to make a list of things we wanted to do and do them as the mood strikes. I wanted to make the list fun and tangible for the girls, not just my own boring computer list. So a few days after landing back home we worked on this little book of summer things to do.

First, I asked both girls to paint some summery watercolors on large sheets of paper. While their paintings dried we brainstormed about all the fun things we want to do this summer. After the paintings were dry I cut them into circles and then wrote each fun thing we want to do on one circle. Initially we thought we'd make a garland with the circles, but then I decided a little notebook would be so much handier and more fun since we can add to it as we come up with new ideas, and also, if we wish, take circles out as we do the activities.

Some of the items in the booklet: Pick berries, make fruit cakes, learn how to swim, make a treasure box covered in seashells, make Pollock art, have a picnic, complete the library reading program, make Pippi Longstocking's house (this of course inspired by our trip to Sweden and a Pippi doll we got there), read Alice in Wonderland, make sunprints, have a fireworks show (we missed 4th of July!), and go fishing.


Elise said...

Hi Patricia

I have been clicking through the blogosphere and come across your creative blog.

This is a lovely way to record all of the the things you would like to do this summer. The girls have played such a special part in decorating and coming up with wonderful ideas. This will serve as a sweet reminder of your summertime fun.

Anonymous said...

how old are your kids?

j-bird said...

We do something along these lines as well - we have a summer jar - pick out a strip of paper, and weather permiting, that's what we do. Nature walk, swim, rock of my faves is Sink or Float, since we can play inside if it is lousy out - then we guess what household stuff will sink and get the point - it can be a great surprise. I love that you made your tags together - I will add that to the excitement next year. Thanks!

amy said...

What a super cool idea and I have some of the same rings sitting around too! We will have to shorten the list of things since we have half a summer left sort of but still...:)

Spadazzle said...

I love this idea! I think we may do this in my art class for the homeschool year!