Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What We Do ... 6

We love ... to skip Sabrina's camp on a rainy thundering morning like today and instead all three of us snuggle in the big bed, go to CC's music class and then get pastries at the nearby bakery ... a fresh box of sidewalk chalk ... doing yoga in our livingroom with the help of these new DVDs ... a special sculpture at the library that CC calls Beana and CC Reading Book ... this idea for summer fun shared by The Artful Parent that we must copy ... Papier mache, an amazing new online magazine.

We read ... we're still reading, among many other books, the Magic Tree House series and found a really fun way to track our progress with the passport and stamps available on the website dedicated to the series. We're now on #31 and the stories are getting spookier and more complex, and are definitely growing on me and Patrick ... to each other. Sabrina has begun to read stories to CC. She either recites them from memory or makes up the words. It's wonderful to see and listen to.

We make ... sandpaper prints by drawing on sandpaper with crayon then ironing the image onto sheets of paper ... houses for our pastic bugs and snakes ... forts from beach towels.

We play ... in the inflatable pool whether it's full of water or empty.

We eat ... picnic lunches in the backyard ... soft pretzels shaped into pictures just like like summer ... real food (most of the time) ... homemade popscicles from plain yoghurt, any fruit, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and stevia.

We watch ... ToddWorld, based on Todd Parr's colorful books that we love for their sweet messages and positive lessons. The shows are just the same, with a character named Pickle that Sabrina adores. We get the DVDs from netflix or the library.


Mariah said...

We are on the same page :) I just posted about one of Todd Parr's books today... I am so happy to learn about Todd's World. The girls will love it!

Lori said...

you do good things :^)

Kathleen said...

Thanks for the tip on the Magic Tree House site! My daughter discovered them last week, and we've already read six or so... I go back and forth between annoyance and amazement at how formulaic they are - what a brilliant idea!

My cousin Brenda Nardone pointed me to your blog, and I'm so happy she did. I'd love to ask you a few questions - would you mind sending me an email?