Monday, June 15, 2009

Learning Together with Mandalas

I've noticed that the girls take a lot of interest in everything I do lately. Maybe it's because Sabrina is getting older and is more aware of being a girl, or maybe it's because we're together so much. But they both love my clothes, my books, my art materials, what I eat, the music I listen to, even my piles of paper hold mystery and wonders for them. Everything I do is fascinating.

So the other day when I returned from a workshop about creativity and meditation with my first mandala, they were all over it. Sabrina wanted to know what it was, how I had done it, what kinds of markers I had used. CC kept exclaiming that it was pretty. The following morning I found some mandalas online for us all to color, and next thing you know Sabrina drew her very first mandala too.

I love moving through this world together like this, sharing our interests and discoveries. It feels very natural and special to learn as a family. All through the school year we kind of followed Sabrina's preschool curriculum--when the class was learning about the rain forest, we got into it as a family. Castles and fairy tales took over our days for a while as Sabrina created costumes and prepared Medieval feasts at school.

Now with the summer days wide open and my children looking to me for inspiration, I realize I have an opportunity to select new things, guide us in the direction of my own interests and passions that often seem to be reserved for my me time. But why only focus on them during those times when I'm alone? It's a huge relief to just give in and realize that while alone time is rare and hard to come by, I can have me time all day long if I wish, it'll just be with my two most precious people around, which really is not a bad deal now is it?

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janice said...

I love mandalas! I pull these out during rainy day lunches at school. My kindergarten students love them and it's so peaceful as they quietly chat and concentrate on their designs.