Wednesday, May 27, 2009


CC and I are signed up for yoga at YogaChai and it's been such a joy to spend this special time together. We both love the space, the teacher (a good friend and very inspiring Mommy), the other children and families, the books and songs we discover.

More and more I find myself hungry for little moments of inspiration throughout the day when time stands still and I can clearly see and understand what it is I am doing now that I often feel that I'm not doing much... or rather not getting much done.

The yoga class is an hour that opens my mind and heart, reminding me of my purpose right now. I sing to CC, I roll on the ground with her, feel her compact little body on mine, try to work my own body as much as possible, listen to the teacher's soothing voice and messages, breathe.

I would love to have this same experience with Sabrina, but alas we seem to have no free moment to do something like this. So I'm investigating yoga DVDs that we could do together at home a few times a week. I could use more of this kind of time, for me, for my children.


Mariah said...

Love the photos :)

Joslyn said...

i love that you guys are doing this together. such a great idea!