Friday, May 29, 2009

Water Paints

Sabrina had this idea that we could make and mix our own watercolors instead of using the ones in little dry cakes. It was somewhat of an experiment but worked out nicely. We just mixed a drop or two of tempera paint with a little warm water. Sabrina got quite ambitious making a lime green, her own pink, a nice lilac, a bright green, and different shades of blue. With large sheets of paper and paintbrushes in hand they got to work on a series of abstract watercolors. I loved seeing how they interacted while painting, inspiring each other to try new colors and techniques. It was also interesting how Sabrina wanted again and again to do what CC was doing!

It was a lovely time just watching them and just assisting with fresh paper, a few wipes of pooling water here and there. Like so many things with children, this required me to do the set up and then get out of the way.