Thursday, May 14, 2009

Print Studio

Our dining room was transformed today into a print studio. Inspired by this post Sabrina and I worked on prints all afternoon. Oh, it was fun. My young artist is bold and inspired as ever.

It's been too long since I planned afternoon "while CC naps" activities. Sabrina is often at friends' homes for playdates or has friends over to our home. And when she's home without a friend over she seems to like playing on her own. I'm grateful for the extra time to catch up on my own little things like email, the blog, housekeeping, the bills.

Sabrina comes and goes, asking for my help or chatting happily while I do other things. It's nice, but it's even nicer when we're able to spend the entire afternoon doing something together--reading, snuggling, playing, making art, cooking. Because really, we need this time, as much of it as possible. In the fall, with Kindergarten starting, these afternoons will be gone. So from now on, unless there's a friend to play with, 1 pm to 3 pm belongs to Mommy and Sabrina. Which in a way, it always has.


jk said...

I saw that post on lets explore and wanted to give it a try. You've inspired me!

STEPHANIE. said...

love this! so much fun! :)

E and T said...

Hi Patricia

I been clicking through the blogoshpere and came across your creative and fun blog.

I love this idea, it's always fun to mix it up and try different techniques when painting with our children.