Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

"Did you know we have these beautiful flowers in our garden?" said Sabrina of the tulip tree flowers I never thought much of.

Scratch art made by Sabrina in school.

Roses picked by Sabrina and bought by Daddy.

I love the matching outfits, the eyes, and that we're both wearing the purple suede ballet slippers I actually own that Sabrina loves.

Mother's Day was perfect in every way. I got to do everything I love about mothering. Things like playing in the yard with the girls. Gardening together. Having a delicious crepe breakfast (made by Patrick today) while planning the day's activities. Enjoying the sunny day. Reading together. Being showered with art, found gifts and love notes. Snuggling in bed. Eating ice cream. Shopping for and planning a craft project at Paper Source, one of my favorite stores, and now Sabrina's too. Going for a walk. Trying new foods for dinner. Watching the girls play and chat. Rather than take a day off, I plunged into being the ideal mommy living an ideal day. It was perfect! I ended the day further inspired by a book, Raising our Children, Raising Ourselves, that has opened my eyes to some ways to live ideal mommy days all the time.

I hope your day was lovely, whatever you did!


Joslyn said...

sounds like total perfection!

kirsten said...

good gravy, I am completely obsessed with Paper Source. I think the staff in the Georgetown store were a little afraid I was stalking them, for a while there. My mom knew me well enough to purchase both my Mother's Day gift AND a letterpress card there.

Sara T. said...

I love that in her picture she is looking at you in admiration. What an amazing work of love!