Thursday, May 7, 2009

Giving Simple Cakes

Sometimes my days seem to be jigsaw puzzles I have to lay out at dawn and keep track of every hour to make sure I'm on track to complete them. The smallest miscalculation or surprise can throw everything off leaving me guilty or frustrated at the end of the day.

So when I realized last night that today I was to bring dinner to a family who just had a new baby, I panicked. When on Earth was I going to make this food? Looking at my calendar it seemed there was literally no long enough stretch of time in my day to make a meal and deliver it by dinnertime.

But somehow I found the time. I asked Patrick to go buy the ingredients, assembled meat loaf in the morning, baked it while we ate breakfast and dressed for school, made potatoes before baby yoga and green beans after, baked a simple chocolate cake with Sabrina while CC napped. We took the meal with us in a cooler to gymnastics class and delivered it afterwards.

While cooking I thought about that tiny new baby, and what these days must be like for her mother who has two older children my own girls' ages. With Sabrina we talked about the oldest child who is her school buddy. We packed food and decorated the cake with powdered sugar and wrote a card. I made double of everything so we enjoyed the same dinner as our friends, saying a special blessing for them.

And slowly something that had seemed to be just the thing that would send me over the edge and ruin my plan for the day turned out to be what it should have been all along--an act of giving, a lesson of love, something that strengthens community and human bonds. Something that brought peace and harmony to my day like few things have lately.


Lori said...

lovely thoughts and lovely cakes :^)

janice said...

What a heartwarming post- I love your blog and always feel good after visiting. Come visit me (I'm officially de-lurking)-
I've got an award for you!