Tuesday, May 5, 2009

CC Turns 2

I think I mentioned April is a big party month in our family. After much brainstorming it dawned on me that for CC's party it was okay to use some of the same ideas I had used for Sabrina's, particularly those yards of handmade garland and the many leftover crafts and goodies. Sometimes I take the whole "treating siblings equal but different" concept too literally and drive myself crazy, especially when preparing parties for two children whose birthdays are just two days apart!

CC was so excited about the party, and beyond thrilled about her cake. It's all she kept saying she wanted for her party: I EAT CAKE! She also thought Swedish fish and fish motifs were necessary for an authentic birthday celebration, so using the same theme as for Sabrina's party worked out great! I did adapt things to suit CC's preferences: ocean creature finger puppets, tubs of water filled with fish and balls and large pony beads to string on pipe cleaners replaced other activities. We decorated with flowers CC picked out herself.

The birthday fell on a Saturday, so we actually had her party the day of CC's birthday. It was a small brunch with family and friends, but still enough children to make it festive.

I love the planning stages of a party. But there are always surprises. Two things I could not have predicted: by 10 am on that day it was 89 degrees and getting hotter. That's why CC looks a little sweaty in her photos and why after the guests left she was allowed to strip down. Also, 30 minutes before the guests arrived CC fell on the patio and scraped her knee, hand and upper lip. That's why the bee stung lips in the photos.

Still adorable--more than ever, this sweet funny lovely child who at two gallops and skips, says so much (no diaper either, I hate this food, I love you mami, oh it's a worm, I want bubble juice, common mami quick quick), hugs stronger than anyone, kisses with gusto, helps, directs, cries and yells really loud 20 times a day and loves us all the time. CC, you are my bright delight.


Courtney said...

Happy Birthday CC!

Lori said...

happy birthday :^)

sorry about the owie :( why does that always happen right before parties, company, or photos?

looks like a great party!

erica said...

Your paragraph at the end there was so sweet. =) My son is turning 2 in July and seems to have a lot in common with CC. His main association with birthdays is also cake, so he'll be totally stoked about that part, too.

Joslyn said...

lovely, lovely! i'm with you...just now realizing that it's ok to "recycle" from party to party. why do moms always make things so hard for themselves ;-)