Thursday, April 2, 2009


We've been reading many chapter books with Sabrina, and the favorite so far has been Pippi Longstocking. With its spirited fun protagonist, wonderful illustrations and beautiful simple prose, this book captured the entire family's imagination. Oh, and other things that make this a great story: pigtails, striped tights, tea parties, Sweden, pancakes, a monkey and horse as friends.


molly said...

9.5 years with children and we've never read Pippi. Absolutely no idea why, but you've inspired me to check this out of the library this week :)

Joslyn said...

we read this earlier this year too. it was one of Audrey's christmas presents and marked the beginning of reading chapter books before bed. i love this copy with lauren child's gorgeous illustrations.

Anonymous said...

You can also tell Sabrina and CC that soon they will be visiting Pippi's country for a certain special event!
Besitos a todos,