Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter and Spring

We're heading out this afternoon for a few days on Chincoteague Island. Sailing, eating seafood, enjoying the beach off season, swimming indoors, seeing wild ponies, late bedtimes for the girls and early ones for Patrick and me in one big shared bed. Doesn't that sound like an ideal little family vacation? It does to me!

I'm trying to pack light, but the forecast calls for some rain, so we need raincoats and galoshes. And of course I must secretly pack Easter goodies since the Easter bunny will be making the journey to find us over there. Sabrina made him a card to let him know. Just in case, you know.

And also just in case you're like me and love springtime in part for the whole spring cleaning aspect, here's some inspiration for you at BabyCenter.

And one more thing. The photo is of my most beloved holiday decoration. Not that I have many, dedicated minimalist that I am. These wooden eggs that my mom got us in Poland make us all happy happy year after year and encourage many conversations about which is whose favorite and what colors are prettiest.

Have a happy Easter, friends!


Shaka said...

I am so so happy that I found your blog. Plus I see you post a little about activities pretty close to me (I live in NOVA) you are such an inspiration!

STEPHANIE. said...

...and happy eater to you too!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patricia,
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We were wondering whether you would mind us using it and referencing it in our blog.
Hope to hear from you soon, in the meantime all the best
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