Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Party

We had a little Easter party for the girls this morning. 12 children, some simple projects, a few games, easy snacks and lots of pastel colors. Even though Sabrina's big birthday party and CC's smaller one are just a few weeks away, I love children's parties and I love Easter, so couldn't resist. Somehow, with the nice weather and new energy in the air it seemed like the perfect time to host a little get together.

On the agenda:
decorating little bags
making Easter egg ornaments
frosting, decorating and eating carrot mini cupcakes
snacking on grapes, bunny crackers, and mini rabbit carrots
a game of pin-the-tail on the bunny that I made out of a poster sheet and pom poms
a plastic egg bounce with the parachute.

I've noticed that some children like to take a break at parties or feel shy at first and want a quiet spot to hang out, so we turned my study into a a cozy place to snuggle with stuffed animals and enjoy books about Easter and springtime.


Joslyn said...

so fun...i love those annie's cheddar bunnies ;-)

Lori said...

aw - looks like so much fun!

wide open spaces said...

oh my goodness, it's all so great.

LILY ve PEPPER said...

Great idea's, kids love stickers :)


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog...such wonderful ideas! Where did you get the book holder on the table. I love the idea of setting out a couple of holiday books each season!