Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Crafts

A while ago I mentioned that I was producing some crafts for BabyCenter. These are the Easter-themed ones... I hope I'm sharing them in time for you to enjoy making them.

The suncatcher eggs are just randomly cut pieces of tissue paper randomly stuck between two sheets of contact paper. The ornaments are made of clay, rolled out and cut into three egg sizes with fondant cutters. And the bunnies are from cardstock, with pompoms for tails. There are more detailed instructions and many other great ideas on BabyCenter's kids' activities section, so go take a look!

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LiEr said...

Lovely crafts! SO simple and sweet- I love the rear-view bunnies and their tails! Made the contact paper eggs yesterday with the kids but we got a bit too enthusiastic with the foam stickies and got rather lumpy results. Oh well. Have a blessed easter!