Friday, April 17, 2009


Ah, Chincoteague, we loved:

Peaceful drives both ways.
The giant orange full moon playing peek-a-boo with CC.
Spending every sunset at the same lounge drinking soda water with grenadine (girls) and beer (adults).
Being woken at 9 am by seagulls.
Walks on the windy beach.
Playing musical beds. We ended up with two full beds and a crib, and in 4 days of naps and nights of rest we mixed and mingled to form every possible pairing. Sabrina and CC slept in the crib together twice.
Eating seafood everyday, fried, raw, steamed.
Huge breakfasts. Crab omelets. Scrapple.
Colorful murals.
Seeing wild horses from very far away.
Running into Rachel Carlson on the walls of a nature center.
Bucketfuls of beach finds.
The wind in our hair at all times.
Cool nights.
Swimming in a heated pool.
Packing light.
The decoy art show.
Meaningful mementos: miniature decoys, wooden postcards, beach treasure.
The Easter bunny finding us all the way out there.
Seeing the bay from our bedroom.
Funky little stores and galleries.
Great vintage children's books at the used bookstore.
The rockets left by NASA.
Daydreaming about moving here.

And we did not love:
The coffee.


Jeff said...

Thanks for bringing back good memories of our last visit to Chincoteague. The pony round up fair was on, our young son loved it, we stayed in a rental trailer that turned out to be perfect. Food and scenery was fantastic, the beach was picture perfect. Thanks for bringing it all back. We all love used books but didn't check that out last time. I guess we'll have to return.

Lori said...

beautiful beautiful

love that rachel carson quote; i have the book sitting right here...

STEPHANIE. said...

great murals!

Clare W said...

Isn't Chincoteague the best??? Your photos are wonderful!!! My husband and I got married there last summer, it is one of my favorite places!!! Thanks for inspiring an anniversary trip!!! I love all the murals and your colorful photos!