Friday, March 20, 2009

What I Do ... 6

I love ... Clearing out the clutter. In recent days we've said goodbye to two car seats, a sofa, piles of clothes, boxes of office stuff. ... Finding new space and possibilities. After clearing out things we rearranged them. Now the sofa from my study and the rocking chair from our bedroom are in the living room. The chairs from the living room are in my study, as is the round cabinet originally bought for Sabrina's room. And favorite pillows that had been ignored and unused have found homes again ... Eliminating sugar and refined carbs from my diet. Well, to be truthful I didn't love it at first. For a week it felt like it was the worst decision ever. But three weeks after I started I feel so energized and happy that I can't imagine having a donut, and that's saying alot ... Jean's (aka The Artful Parent) awesome article in Mothering about the crafty mamas I've come to know and love through their blogs ... The red bud vase my sister gave me. I keep moving it from one location to another because it looks so perfect no matter where it is. Who was it that said every room should have a touch of red?

I write ... I haven't updated here on the Week of Wonders column or book reviews, and even though I know many of you venture over there regularly, I'll link to what I've been writing about just in case you missed some of it. The latest musings have been about joining Facebook, sugar-free recipes, using themes to make sense of things and children's scheduled activities--this last one seems to have really resonated with people. If you're so inclined, leave your 2-cents at BabyCenter on any of these topics.

I read ... Two Marriages by Phillip Lopate captured my attention for a few nights. I liked the sparse, intimate prose and the nearly surreal scenarios, which I guess marriages sometimes find themselves in. My favorite line: "Each happy marriage is at once a miracle and a complex mechanism, like a Swiss clock whose successful inner workings, once analyzed, could conceivably offer hope to conjugal sufferers everywhere." ... Right now I'm immersed in Revolutionary Road because I want to see the movie too. It's a good book, but there's a sadness to it I did not expect. I'm only 50 pages in and already it's making me sad.

I watch ... I'm Your Man, about the life and work of Leonard Cohen. ... How to Cook Your Life, another documentary I found very inspiring. It's about food, life, consumerism, living simply and with grace. I find myself turning to documentaries more and more and have yet to hit on one I didn't enjoy. Any recommendations?

I listen to ... Leonard Cohen and more Leonard Cohen since watching the documentary about him. Who by Fire is perhaps my favorite song right now.


STEPHANIE. said...

I agree...I have come to find that every room needs a touch of red :) I love your photos of little spaces in your home. So clean, an so clear.

STEPHANIE. said...
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JenniferO said...

Have you seen Helvetica? I saw that recently and enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patricia,
I am so glad you have returned from your wee hiatus; I missed your cheery posts full of fun goings-on with your lovely girls.
I just have a question and that is, how did you do it? With the sugar, I mean. I really feel like I should do the same thing and I know it is the right thing to do but what did you do to make it through that first week?

Kathleen said...

I just started Revolutionary Road too - and I agree that it's so much sadder than I expected. My (new) book club is discussing it next week...

And I love your thoughts on themes - it doesn't take much to connect activities and make an impact. My daughter is also a fabulous artist, and she's been taking an art class since she was 2.5 I expected to drop it when she started (a very artsy) preschool, but the art class does such interesting projects - things we would never do at home - and it really does validate her interest. We're teaching her to follow her bliss!

Joslyn said...

i love clearing out clutter more than almost anything...we did a bit of that this weekend more infant car seat, no more pack and play, an odd stool...ahh.