Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


I didn't intend to take almost two weeks off, but it seems I really needed them to adjust to being at home full time, figure out some new systems and just breathe. We've been up to many projects and fun activities, which I'll share soon now that writing here seems to be in the cards again! Thank you for all the nice comments here and on BabyCenter, especially congratulating and encouraging me on my new full-time at home life.

First, of course, is today's holiday. With so much to influence our lives, we sometimes forget that Patrick's family is partly Irish. So these days we've been doing a few little things to honor this part of our heritage.

It's been lovely to celebrate this holiday very simply after all the Valentine's day crafts and sweets that took over most of February. I was reminded how nice it is to take it easy doing just a few symbolic things without investing in new materials or making every moment about the holiday. We didn't buy a single holiday-related item, not even stickers... so instead Sabrina figured out how to make shamrocks out of hearts! As always, less is more.

We enjoyed a vintage book that explains the significance of all the little traditions around St. Patrick's day, like dressing in green and parading around.

Instead of crafting, we made mini loaves of Irish soda bread. Easy breezy recipe, perfect for children. We halved each dough ball to make smaller loaves, and also used white whole wheat flour. We kept some and made extras for teachers and friends. It's fun giving gifts on holidays you wouldn't usually associate with getting a little something.

We had some of the bread as a St. Patrick's Day afternoon snack yesterday since today afternoon we'll be out and about until dinner. The girls liked the bread with lots of sweet butter and I put a little bit of tea in Sabrina's milk which she though tasted wonderful.

Today is also Patrick's nameday, as well as my own. I always tell the same story of living in New York City when I was a little girl and thinking it was so wonderful that the whole town got together for a parade to celebrate MY nameday. I'm sure my parents fueled this belief!

Happy day to you!


Jen said...

Namedays! I am a Canadian living in Hungary and it was here that I first heard of namedays. They celebrate them here, but I had never heard of anyone celebrating such a thing in Canada. I didn't think such a thing even "existed", so it was a surprise to read that word on your blog. Happy Nameday!!

Cola-Cola said...