Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bouquet, deconstructed

Flowers on the landing

In the bedroom

In my study

On the mantel

I received a beautiful bouquet in my favorite colors. It was lovely and generous, it smelled great and included lots of fresh flowers. Sabrina kept remarking how they were the tallest flowers she'd ever seen. But, after admiring it for a day we all decided it was a bit too tall and and formal for our home.

So I pulled it apart and now we've got flowers in every corner of the house. What a luxury. I love showing off one or two perfect stems in a simple vase. I also love bouquets of all one flower. I only wish I could take better pictures of flowers. I find they behave differently on camera than objects. Not that I take great pictures of objects.

Oh, and there was lots of foliage and some fading flowers left for Sabrina and CC to play with, which is always fun.

The original bouquet


Katie said...

I love this! Simple arrangements are always much more appealing to me. A great idea - I plan to try this the next time I get flowers!

STEPHANIE. said...

simply beautful.

molly said...

I couldn't agree more. The simple bunches have soft, but romantic impact. lovely!

jk said...

I completely agree with pulling apart formal bouquets. I do this too, as I much prefer an individual flower on a nightstand.