Monday, February 2, 2009

What We Do ... 3

We love... The art in the book Wonder Bear. A beauty of a wordless book ... The blank notebooks and other goodies from Bare Books. Oh, the possibilities! ... The new genre of coloring books that are works of art in themselves and allow for lots of imaginative additions. Sabrina received ...Draw from my sister and has nearly completed it just a few days later.

We read... Books about the season. For a little while it felt and looked like Winter here and now we hear that more snow is on its way. So beloved books like Grandmother Winter, The Story of the Snow Children and Winter have been helping us enjoy the season... We've been browsing books on Lookybook where you can see and read entire picture books. It's wonderful when we're due for a library trip and need a fix of something new.

We play... There's been a big game revival in this home as following rules, taking turns, and sitting still for a little while have suddenly clicked for one girl or the other and made an hour or so of games possible. Hullabaloo is a good one to break things up since it's all about moving around. And Polly the Porcupine is a new favorite memory game of Sabrina's because she loves porcupines ... Everyone loves the new blue play kitchen. I searched high and low and finally came upon one that was nicely made, big but not huge, had some storage space and offered enough detail to interest both girls.

We create... We love our folk-inspired colored pencils from Grandma that are as lovely to look as the art you can make with them.


Melissa Goodsell said...

I really enjoy reading each new post on your blog and the little blue kitchen is adorable.

Sheila said...

Do you have more details on the "Draw" coloring book? A link? The author? Thanks.

Melissa Goodsell said...

I'm really interested in the 'draw' book also, if you happen to have a link that you could share that would be lovely.
Thankyou :)

Kristine said...

I'd be interested in the 'Draw' book and the colored pencils. Who are the colored pencils made by? They're lovely!