Thursday, February 19, 2009

What I Do ... 5

I love... The color yellow and the yellow week project started by House on Hill Road and documented here. I didn't learn about it in time to join but was inspired to do a little survey of yellow in my life ... Vintage puzzles like the apple one we picked up this summer ... This little store in Paris ... The word atelier.

I write... About sorting out the time puzzle. And about the big change in my life.

I create... I'm trying really hard to take better photos, use only natural light and make my subjects a little more special. I'm even learning how to edit photos. It's fun! Have you noticed a change?

I read... Every night for a week I've been reading Tara French's In the Woods. I love a good detective story, but find I often can't bear the mediocre writing that seems to come with the genre. This book is gorgeously written and is keeping me up way past my bedtime ... A Year of Mornings. From the thoughtful essays that introduce this beautiful collection of photos to the design of the tome to the photographers' visions, this is pure pleasure and is inspiring me to take lovely pictures and enjoy my mornings.

Thank you for visiting this week. Have a lovely weekend, friends!


dongdong said...

Me too! And so do my daughter. She said her favorite color is yellow. :)

Joslyn said...

ok three things:

1. I too am beyond smitten with yellow.

2. Your photos look stunning...v. good editing!

3. The piece on your new "at home" status was great...made me a smidge jealous in fact ;-)

happy weekend.

molly said...

Patricia, your yellow photos are delicious! I've been visiting your blog frequently of late. such a happy space you've created here.

erica said...

I just read your post about becoming a SAHM-- congrats! I've been a SAHM since my son was born a year and a half ago, though I was also trying to write a dissertation that I never wanted to work on and that I felt was taking me away from what really mattered to me. I finally came to the realization last month that it was time for me to quit my program, and it's been such a relief-- no regret, just easier breathing and less guilt, plus all the time in the world to devote to my son now. I completely understand your decision and hope you're getting support all around. =)

Also, those yellow flowers are making me quite happy. I need more yellow.

LiEr said...

Patricia, I love the yellow flowers. Yellow flowers are happy flowers. I really like your happy site! Thank you for the simple, wonderful photos that brighten my day and congrats on becoming a stay-home mom. May your heart expand even more to take in all the new (and possibly more intense!) experiences to follow! I left an award for you on my blog. Have a wonderful day!

gina said...

I was inspired by a year of mornings also. On my flickr... unpink .... I am starting a project called view from my minivan and my goal is to capture one moment from my daily travels that I don't want to take for granted- with my BlackBerry's cam. It's fun and something different.

Yellow is one of my top three favorite colors...