Friday, February 6, 2009

What I Do ... 4

I love... working in my study on a sunny bright winter day like today, an inspiring stack of books by my side ... These four seasons cups and plates ... This new-to-me blog called Oh, Hello Friend. It's so pretty and fresh and full of inspiration ... The tree stamps I got just for myself. I'm not a stamp kind of girl, though Sabrina loves them so we always swing by the stamp section at the craft store. Last time we went these trees caught my eye. Now a little winter set is also tempting me. Maybe I am a stamp girl after all ... Finding a favorite shade of blue painted on a building. Seems like this cornflower blue is popping up everywhere for me.

I write... about trying to make sure my family and I are eating well and feeling well. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you can leave me some advice since as you'll read, the more I know the more confused I become.
I watch... Surfwise. It's an interesting documentary about life choices, health, parenting. It really has me thinking about how following one's dream may affect one's children. Much to discuss after watching this. I also like the film poster ... I love watching the days unfold in habit. It's like being invited into really good friends' homes--no pretense, just true lovely lives.

I listen... I just got Bruce Springsteen's Working on a Dream album. I've always loved his music, every since I was a young girl, and the songs in this one remind me of those early teenage years. I've been known to tell my husband that the only thing wrong with him is that he can't sing like The Boss.


Joslyn said...

i love those stamps and am definitely planning to rent that movie now.

Joanna Goddard said...

yes, loved this movie!!!