Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CC's Markers

CC takes such pleasure in the simple act of moving her hands to see lines and swirls appear beneath her fingers. She loves markers more than pencils, crayons or anything a little safer. She is bold in her strokes, moves from the shoulder, favors her left hand. Loves using all the colors and switching pens. Puts the caps back on and even cleans up afterwards. Is she making circles already? Is she actually asking for art time? Draw? Draw!


MaryAnne said...

Her artwork is beautiful! My kids prefer markers too - I think they love the bold colors. The Crayola washable markers seem to come out of anything - just don't pre-treat with a stain remover (that sometimes sets it into the clothing).

gina said...

We love markers too. And cirlces- I remeber that stage!