Monday, January 26, 2009

What We Do ... 2

We love... Having the park almost all to ourselves on a cold but sunny morning ... Getting a huge stack of library books ... This year's Caldecott winner, The House in the Night, that we read at the bookstore a few weeks ago. Our own copy is ordered and on its way.

We read... At the library we came across the Valentine's Day shelf, untouched so we had first pick of everything! I've always lamented there not being any good books about this holiday, but I was wrong! A Village Full of Valentines and The Valentine Bears are our favorite discoveries.

We create ... I let Sabrina use my watercolor pencils and she loved the two-part process. The pencils give a child more control than watercolors do, which until you've mastered the technique can be tricky. There's also something magical about seeing one's work be transformed.

We eat... Big bowls of hearty Irish oatmeal that I soak in buttermilk overnight. We add goodies to the recipe and make up fancy names while eating: Blueberry Nut Breakfast Bonanza. Apricot Almond Outrageous Oatmeal. Makes these cold morning that much cozier! ... Muffin tin lunches. I forget about this fun trick, but the other day when we didn't have much in the fridge it came back to me and was a hit.

We watch... Flickr slideshows. It's become one of CC's favorite little things to do, sit back and go through all 1000+ pictures on our photostream, laughing and pointing every time she recognizes someone.


marta said...

ooh i love the muffin tin snacks. such a darling idea and darling li'l wee one.

Jessica said...

Great idea for the muffin tin snacks! My girls will love this!

Joslyn said...

i love your what we do posts...and i'm in on the muffin tin lunches. brilliant.

Sheila said...

Thanks for the book recommendation (village of valentines). I love to find good holiday books.