Friday, January 30, 2009

What I Do ... 3

I love... Massimo Vitali's pictures of European beaches. That's where we'll be this summer. ... This collection of pictures of IKEA's Expedit shelf. It's pretty much an icon at this point, isn't it? ... The Longchamps handbag my parents gave me for Christmas. All my good handbags come from them ... The lavender eye pillow from Ella of Little Red Caboose. It's perfect and oh so soothing.

I write... About how we're splurging on certain things and cutting others and learning a lot about happiness in the process.

I read... The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. Read it this weekend. You'll laugh and cry and nod your head a thousand times ... Collected Stories by Ellen Gilchrist. The beautiful blue cover (notice how I chose Ella's eye pillow to match?) on my copy is enough to make me love having this book on my nightstand, but it's the stories--elegant, timeless and cool--that keep me reaching for the thick tome.

I create... I am so inspired by the Hundred Dresses Project found via Design Mom, and now I want to make 100 of something. It's just such a nice, round, ambitious and complete thing to do, no? And I'm pretty sure my 100 things are going to be collages. Now that I've said it I'll have to make good. By number 100 maybe my paper won't buckle and my cutouts will stay smooth after drying. Could this be a 2009 goal?

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Karen said...

Hi I found your blog on the Crafty Crow. I was noticing that you didn't want your art work to buckle/wrinkle and in college I used a wrinkle free glue on my collages. I can't find the one I used but try this one.