Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pasta Jewelry

I love finally getting to a simple and classic activity that we've somehow managed to skip over. Pasta jewelry... Sabrina and CC were both so excited about a new material to play with. More and more CC enjoys our artsy craft times by just exploring the materials and observing. She also liked trying on all the jewelry!


LaMammina said...

That is the best looking pasta jewelry I have ever seen!

By the way, I love your little dishes for displaying your little nature finds. We always collect natures little trinkets, but then they remain in the top of my pram, in the side pocket of the car door, or squashed in the bottom of my bag because I never have a dedicated place to put them once we get home. Now I'm going to start looking for some pretty display containers (ideally compartmentalised like yours!)

Amanda @ said...

I've been thinking a lot about the versatility of macaroni shapes in crafting. What a lovely use of such a simple material. Thanks for sharing :)

Amanda @ /

Dee Light said...

Thanks for reminding me of a craft I had forgotten!! Did you know you can color the pasta with a couple of drops of food color and a teaspoon or so of Vinegar. Just put the liquid in a ziplock, add the pasta and shake. Pour pasta out on newspaper to dry.