Friday, January 16, 2009

It's All One Life

I've been wanting for some time to incorporate a little more of our life into this blog, something in addition to documenting what we do and enjoy as a family. There is more than what I've been sharing, more to remember and celebrate daily, more that we draw on for inspiration and learning and energy. Much goes into good + happy days, and now two new features will open the window a little wider into what shapes ours.

On Fridays I'll post What I Do, in which you'll get a glimpse of my life beyond children and family. I've gone back and forth between wanting to start a second blog devoted to "grown up" good + happy days or introducing new subjects into this one. I like tidy compartments and enjoy having a specific focus in Good + Happy Day, but in the end, it feels more natural to build on what exists than create something entirely new.

I feed my children afternoon snacks with one hand and pour wine into the meat stew for a dinner party with the other. I read blogs while the girls play at my feet. I light my favorite candle when I read bedtime stories. My writing and professional interests are increasingly focused on family life. And as the girls grow I am able to work and create side by side with them. Letting this blog evolve to cover more of life feels organic and whole and a truer representation of how our days really go.

After all, it's all one life.

It is, and right now it's in great part, and blessedly so, about the wonder and delight of childhood, family life, togetherness, first discovery, learning. Again, so much goodness comes into our family's days in the form of books, materials, places, games and ways to learn and enjoy ourselves. I want to capture all this outside the posts about our activities and I will attempt to do so in a feature posted on Mondays titled What We Do.

I hope you like what it is I do and we do. I hope you always find something here for your days.

The photo is a polaroid by Marta V. It makes me think of all the unexpected, wonderous things that descend upon us daily.

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rebecca said...

i LOVE the idea of lighting a candle for bedtime stories, so cozy! creating warm, loving associations to reading is an immeasurable gift to give your children (yours are lucky to have you as their mama). you've inspired me to add this to our cozy little nightime routine. thanks for the tip!