Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cold Morning

I marvel at how children are drawn to the outdoors no matter the weather. Again, to me it's a sign that they know what's good for them and all I have to do is pay attention.

Sabrina and CC begged me to let them play in the backyard after we returned from grocery shopping. Boy, was it cold here yesterday. But sunny and bright. The girls couldn't have been happier running around, gathering treasure, fascinated by the block of ice in their wagon and the bits trapped in it.

At first reluctant, huddling and thinking how sad a backyard looks in the winter months, I eventually got into being there too and found beauty everywhere.

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LiEr said...

I love your new banner! Was just planning a post on how beautiful winter is here with the snow and everything. We have it almost 6 months of the year so either I find the good in it or else I'll end up depressed 50% of my life! And it really does get beautiful! But you're right - so often our precious children are the ones that open our eyes to it. Hurrah for them.