Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Afternoon at Home

There's CC's highchair.

There's Mommy at the dining room table cutting out things with red scissors.

There's the sideboard with red tulips and three votive candles.

There's Sabrina's stuffed porcupine in his cage (I think I'll have to explain in a future post).

There's our living room rug and Mommy's new blue shoes.

There's Sabrina's pink bed and the stairs leading upstairs.

There are the living room shelves.

There's the clock that said 1:21 when Sabrina was drawing it.

There are the family photos of the babies and of Mommy and Daddy kissing.

There are the flowers on Mommy's desk.

There's my amazing child, gone to do something else amazing, leaving this for me to admire.


John said...

Hi, Patricia. That is a really good drawing!

May I have your permission to post a couple of your photos to my site - with a link back to yours of course. I am interested in the ones of your playroom and toy boxes.
My little blog is and I am the creator of Via Toy Box.
Thank you,

jk said...

What a lovely picture!!