Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nature Trail Lunch

Hurray for ending the year with a wonderful morning!

We spent a few wholesome and inspiring hours with my sister and nephews walking, eating lunch outside (yes, in December!), exploring and finding treasure at Long Branch nature trail, one of our favorite places. My sister and I got to chat about the year ahead, the older children explored, CC pushed her baby doll and tried to keep up with her sister and cousins while I tried to keep up with her.

It was awesome. And good thing we took advantage of what looks like the last fair weather day in a while. Today is super windy and cold. We even had flurries this morning.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

National Gallery of Art

Always enjoy spending time in this museum and we always find new favorites. Today Sabrina loved the numbers. CC the waterfall. Patrick liked the tunnel between the buildings all decked out in fairy lights for the holidays.


Seagulls and pigeons amused the girls for a long time on a 65 degree winter day.

Winter Wonderland

Look, look. Lots of pointing and oohs and aahs. The Windows to Wonderland exhibit at the Botanical Gardens was indeed full of wonder. Tiny fairytale scenes, moving trains, structures made of nature treasure.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sister Love

There there, attempting to nap together in Sabrina's bed. Matching PJs, lovies Dolly and Bunny.

Spending more time at home with no school or activities or work, we get to see so many more of these moments. Sabrina and CC are developing such a close, lovely, sweet relationship. They have fun together. Sabrina is protective of CC. CC is in awe of Sabrina. It's all I dared hope for these two sisters I have the privilege to be raising.

Friday, December 26, 2008

And on Christmas Day in the Evening

A lovely celebration at my sister's home, who is the Christmas fairy in our family. With creative and inspiring holiday touches everywhere, a wonderful Spanish meal, activities for the children and more gifts, this was a relaxing and wonderful evening.

On the way home Sabrina asked if Christmas was over... and I was happy to report that it is not. Frankly, I include New Year's in the package of holiday celebrations. And then there's Epiphany to enjoy. As long as the tree is standing it's Christmas!

I hope your Christmas was merry and bright!

On Christmas Day in the Morning

Books, cars, blocks, a new kitchen, watercolors and crayons, ink and stamps, a toy piano, a toy porcupine! CC's new way of saying thanks: WOW! And Sabrina's: a shiny warm smile.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Milk + Cookies + a Candycane

After reading The Night Before Christmas again, we set out Santa's snack and went off to bed... well, Sabrina did. Patrick and I had toys to build and gifts to wrap and a fully enjoyed party to clean up after!

Christmas Eve

My sweethearts celebrating.

Good times: CC ate 7 mushroom turnovers. Everyone loved the no-cook feast (shrimp, crab cakes, latkes, pear and goat cheese salad) and the gingerbread cookies. Alex lost a tooth. Sabrina drank soda water with a drop of grenadine all night. CC refused to eat the holy bread and Sabrina wanted more.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ready for the Party

I love setting the table ahead of time,playing around with the dishes and arrangements. Sabrina was my little helper all day as we prepared for the evening. She entertained herself and her sister, made cookies with me, helped with the tablecloth and napkins, suggested we get holly from the backyard, demanded we take breaks to read books and relax. The child knows her priorities!

Star Cookies

Gingerbread cookies for Christmas Eve. It's the only thing we're making from scratch!

Merry Christmas!

Our card.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Few More Goodies

Pomanders. Paper snowflakes. The children's clay ornaments. It's been the most cozy crafty season!

Small Wonders

The season is being enjoyed on so many levels this year. CC is reminding us to take wonder in the small things. Candlelight. A growing collection of pretty holiday greetings.

Christmas Tree Fruit Salad

We put this together for Sabrina's preschool Christmas party. It was a huge hit and so easy and fun to make. I made it again to bring to a holiday party and filled the empty parts with pineapple chunks.

A Handmade Christmas

At the last minute and with Patrick's encouragement (ok, it was his idea), we decided to trim the tree and decorate the house with handmade things. Paper garlands. Ornaments of glass and clay. It's kept us busy and inspired.

We made these by dripping paint in clear bulbs and swirling it around. Easy and lovely!