Monday, April 7, 2008

Sabrina's Storage

That was some break! To kick start myself back into Good + Happy Day mode I had to do something drastic--like enter odeedoh's storage contest.

For the contest, I entered the toy box shelf in Sabrina's room, which also forced me to sort through her things and organize them. We recently moved many of our toys to the new family room in the basement (formerly the media room), so the shelf doesn't house as many toys as it did before and now serves its purspose perfectly--Sabrina can stuff her animals in there and has a place for all her favorite little knickknacks that are not necessarily play things but that she loves to have access to. At the same time the shelf always looks tidy even when its contents are not arranged in any particular way.

If my entry gets posted and you like it, I'd love it if you voted for me! The entries are definitely worth a look. Some nice ideas there--my personal favorite is the recycled wood boxes--love the recycling part of it, the use of orange and that cool photo of the room's occupant. My pictures are not as good, and since I entered at the very last minute I wasn't able to get Patrick to help me by taking some professional photographs. Oh well, the idea is there.

I've been observing how Sabrina uses her room now that many of her toys are in a different space, and it's become a place to read and enact numerous dramas and nurturing games with her friends (stuffed animals) and dollhouse. She also has been drawing a lot in just about every area of the house, so I moved the table into the center of the room and keep pencils and paper out at all times to encourage her.