Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pioneer Day

We spend a most inspiring afternoon at Pioneer Day last weekend. It was perfect autumn weather, and we got to participate in some of the activities that filled the days of this country's pioneer families. Pioneer children had lots of fun, was Sabrina's conclusion. They got to...
...make potpourri sachets.

...make and drink apple cider.

...relax on benches.

...write with quill pens.

... make corn husk dolls

...and dress them

...and play with them.

Then pioneer children would find a shady spot and rest.


Megret said...

I love these types of events! They create so many neat memories. We have to look hard to find similar events here, but occasionally, we do, and the kids always enjoy them immensely. Love those corn husk dolls!

Maya said...

oh! there used to be one of these when I was growing up and it was so wonderful. I remember making dip candles and so many neat things. I may organize my own for some friends, because I don't think there is one around here...