Friday, October 17, 2008

CC Loves Chalk

It's not been easy finding ways to engage CC in art activities. The child does not like to stop for long! But chalk and a little chalkboard intrigued her and the easy way chalk makes marks appealed to her too.

I also learned that CC enjoys standing to work on art. I have usually placed her in her highchair for it, thinking she'd focus if she couldn't get away, but here she stood for a good 10 minutes and liked being able to walk around her art station, pick up things after dropping them, and eventually walking away when she tired of the project.

It was so interesting watching her enjoy the entire expeirence, from touching the chalkboard to hearing the chalk drop into a tin. It made me think how art is about so much more than the visual. There is sound, touch, smell to experience if, like an 18-month-old, you're open to it all.


erica said...

Thanks for that suggestion-- my 15-month-old son colors with crayons a bit, but letting him stand up to do it or use chalk, etc., might be just the thing to help him feel more in control. Now we just need a little table...

sue said...

Hi, I just wanted to say what a gorgeous and inspiring family you are, lovely blog :)

sue xx