Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Playground

Is there something your children love that you resist? For me, it's going to the playground. I know, it's such a staple of childhood... but it's just not my thing. So I've always left it to our babysitter Lidia to take CC and Sabrina there on the mornings she comes. But with Sabrina in school four mornings a week now she misses out on the playground outings with Lidia.

So when she asked so sweetly one afternoon if we could go, how could I say no or try to distract her with other ideas? We went and had a lovely time. It's so different now that the girls can play together, and they do it so much more nicely at the park than they do at home. I sat back, breathed in the cooler air (hello fall!), absorbed the sounds of happy children, watched my growing babies until Sabrina declared she was hungry and it was time for dinner.

I will say yes more often. Yes to the playground and to everything else my girls want because their hearts never steer us wrong.

On the most recent Week of Wonders I write about what makes us happy and how much I'm learning from my children about happiness, creativity, life. What makes you and your children happy?


Rowena said...

The playground for me, too. I think it comes from those months when I was pregnant and the toddler was suddenly wild. Or when I had an infant and couldn't chase after the continuously wild toddler.

Now the toddler/preschooler has calmed down a bit and the baby/toddler is more independent, but I still resist how much work it is to go play.

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

Any adventure outside of the house were I'm not trying to do something like errands is wonderful. It's always seems better than being at home saying don't touch, etc... constantly. I think it's mostly when I'm not trying to get something else done and can just enjoy the moment.

Mrs. Gregorton said...

I sort of dread going to the playground too. It feels like it is going to be a lot of work and likely end in some kind of minor tragedy. I went to one with a friend the other day though and it had a little hill where we could sit and watch our preschoolers from a distance while we played with the baby. That was a good morning.