Monday, September 15, 2008

Healthy Treats

I am looking for healthy and simple treats to make with and for my girls. We so enjoy playing around in the kitchen, but don't want to be licking batter and frosting and eating cupcakes all day long.

Today we made these super simple chocolate-covered bananas. We melted 1 cup of very good quality dark chocolate with 2 tablespoons of super good for you coconut oil. We dipped frozen banana halves on a stick in the melted mixture and froze for 30 more minutes. Could also have sprinkled with nuts for extra crunch and nutrition.

Will you share some of your healthy and fun treats?


stephmodo said...

Brilliant! I have some Callebaut and bananas...sounds like I'll have to make these myself! Thank you for the excellent tip...

cc6788765nçl said...

your blog is great! our family favorite in the healthy treat category is granola. The kids can mix it all up and then just pop it in the oven - amazing!