Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy School Days!

Today my nephew Alex started Kindergarten.

Happy school days, Alex!
You're going to have a wonderful year!

Sabrina is very excited for him, but a bit jealous that she will not be learning how to read and write with him. She drew him this picture. Alex is the first kid on the bus. We delivered it together with a bag of school-themed goodies. We still have another week to go before Sabrina's preschool starts. I'm not ready for the summer to be over!


goooooood girl said...

So good......

Maryeliz said...

What a sweet bag of useful surprises for Alex. Hope he had a great first day.

Laura said...

Hello Tia!

I love my goodies - each unique piece custom chosen for me. The bag is so cool I can fit lots of stuff in there too. Nico keeps trying to take away my pencil case because as you know he loves cars, but I told him, 'ni hablar!'. Thanks to you and Tio, Sabrina, and CC. So far Kindergarten is ok. Tell Sabrina I an teach her everything I learn. Mua!