Friday, September 19, 2008

Goodies for a Frog

Sabrina has completed her first two weeks of preschool in the "Frog" class and is doing so well! She loves her teachers and gives them big hugs at the end of the school day, has been painting beautifully, practicing her writing, eating everything in her lunchbox and making new friends.

We're so proud of our little frog and wanted to show it with a present, this little bag of goodies. I went with a green and frog theme including the following: eco-friendly oil pastels (Sabrina's favorite medium as of late) and paper, a plastic frog, frog post-it notes, a canvas bag and apron, a mini blackboard, craft paper star box and sign to decorate as Sabrina wishes, an S to decorate, a heart made of flowers stamp, and a handmade pouch in an adorable frog and alphabet Japanese fabric.


Ali said...

What a wonderful idea - and a gift I am sure she will love.

misadventuresofkellyandkelly said...

where is the mini chalkboard from? that's a great gift bag - congrats on two weeks of preschool!!

Good + Happy Day... said...

Thanks you for the kind comments! She did indeed love the gifts and asked again and again why we got her such nice things--I think she liked to hear how proud we are!

The blackboard I found at Michael's, but not all the stores have them. This one is real slate which I really like, others have the faux blackboard painted wood and it's just not the same!